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The demand for smartphones, tablet computers continues to skyrocket, and future generations of these gadgets will contain ever more sensors. This will cause the market for such sensors almost to triple during the period from 2012 to 2018, market researcher IHS Technology has reckoned. The most potent actors in this field are Samsung and Apple.

Market analysis and forecast organization IHS thinks that Apple's Watch, will stimulate and set a standard for fitness and health monitoring features on wearable electronics devices.
The semiconductor content within wearable devices will generate a market worth $9 billion in 2019, according to market analysis company, The Information Network (New Tripoli, Pennsylvania).
OmniVision Technologies Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) has introduced two CMOS image sensors that used stacked technology; the 13-Mpixel OV13860, and the 16-Mpixel OV16850.
An Austrian chip manufacturer getting hold of another wafer fab has to be good news for Europe, right? Yes, unlessÂ….