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Sensors - Honeywell
Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions offers a variety of electronic
sensors designed to detect and measure temperature, pressure, force or
Sensors | Banner
We are experts in a broad range of sensing technologies, offering the most
comprehensive collection of sensors in the world.
First Sensor - English Homepage
First Sensor develops and manufactures standardized and tailor-made sensor
Photoelectric Sensors | Banner
Banner offers the world's most complete line of photoelectric sensors - over
12000, supplying virtually all manufacturing companies in the Fortune 500.
Sensors | Silicon Labs
Silicon Labs is a leading supplier of intelligent sensor solutions that are
characterized by superb reliability, compact size, high levels of integration and ...
Sensors | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
A lineup of various sensors respond to the sensing needs of various applications
for automobile, wearable, medical care and health care. Sensor Guide ...
This new brand of sensors is designed with the right combination of intelligent
integration, logic and customizable software on the platform to deliver smarter, ...
Sensors | TE Connectivity
TE is a global leader in innovative sensor solutions with a large portfolio around
pressure, temperature, humidity and more providing better measurement ...
Time of Flight (ToF) Sensors - STMicroelectronics
ST has launched an ambitious diversification strategy to further expand its
technology portfolio, introducing a wide range of photonic sensors bringing ...
Sensors | Motion Sensors |
Explore Arrow Electronics' wide selection of sensors. With industry-leading
research and design tools, Arrow makes finding the right part easy. Learn more at
EETimes Europe
It is every car driver’s nightmare scenario to be involved in an accident and unable to call for assistance. Injury or shock means that in many car accidents, even relatively minor ones, those involved are often reliant on a witness to make an emergency call, and in very rural areas, it might be hours before help arrives. However, a recent decision by the European Parliament to mandate an automatic-emergency-call alert system in all new cars and light vans sold within the EU from 31st March 2018 – eCall – means that ambulance crews and rescue services will reach the scene faster, potentially saving lives and reducing the severity of injuries.
Safeguarding against damaging load dump with proven circuit protection technologies.
This month, Powercast is giving away two of it radio energy harvesting kits, one worth €964 geared towards powering wireless sensors (P2110-EVAL-01) and the other worth €694 (P2110-EVAL-02) more specifically designed for battery charging applications.