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The intelligent combination and evaluation of sensor-generated data in road traffic opens up new ways to meet traffic-related challenges. In the joint project SADA, a project consortium has developed solutions for the smooth fusion of heterogeneous sensor data from vehicles with data from the environment.
Spectrum Instrumentation has over 140 digitizer cards installed for use in the machine protection systems of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The cards are used to check that the particle beams have been accurately deflected.
Mouser Electronics is now stocking TE Connectivity’s LUMAWISE Endurance N Enhanced base, a rapid development platform for outdoor lighting controls, smart grids and commercial lighting.
A development kit for the TI SimpleLink™ Sub-1-GHz Sensor to Cloud Linux® Gateway based on technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is available from Farnell element14. The kit provides an end-to-end tool to enable a Sub-1 GHz sensor network with an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway and cloud connectivity.
Farnell element14 has launched the element14 development kit for the TI SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud Linux Gateway based on TI technology.