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This automotive image sensor combines image quality with ASIL-ready support functions that will be required for future development of autonomous vehicles, providing imaging in moonless night conditions down to 0.005 lux (SNR1 illuminance); 125dB HDR output without additional ISP chip; reduced flicker effect of pulsing LED lights; and self-testing ASIL support functions for emerging safety systems.
Sensirion has designed disposable liquid flow sensor solutions for medical devices. The use of intelligent, compact and cost-effective disposable liquid flow sensors will change the field of drug delivery and enable solutions to be provided which are safer, more reliable and more mobile for care in the hospital and at home.
Murata has announced that is about to commence mass production of a range of surface-mounted NTC temperature sensors that are packaged on a flexible printed circuit (FPC) film.
Enlighted, Inc. has developed a fixture-integrated, digital, multi-function wireless sensor unit that, when connected to the Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED driver, enables any lighting manufacturer to deliver simpler, fully connected fixtures.
Melexis has developed a CMOS image sensor that offers ASIL-ready support functions. The device is designed for use in camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and driverless cars. Excellent low-light capabilities enable downstream electronics to detect pedestrians even in the night.