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IRLYNX and CEA-Leti have announced they have launched a technology-development partnership for a new CMOS-based infrared technology that will allow a new type of smart and connected detectors in buildings and cities.
Having given LG Electronics early access to its VL6180X infrared time-of-flight optical range finding module over the last year, STMicroelectronics has put the part on general sale at a price of $2.50 and now provides a development kit.
MLX90290 is a monolithically integrated magnetic sensor IC, with amplifier, analogue output and internal compensation circuits all incorporated.

Tichawa Vision has developed what it claims to be the world's fastest contact image sensor (CIS). The speed of up to 21 metres per second at a resolution of 300 dpi makes the sensor suitable for quality control applications in fast-running processes such as image printing on paper or coated foils.

At the cross-point between biochemistry and electronics, Aryballe Technologies' conception of what an electronic nose should do goes well beyond existing gas sensors and other industrial electronic sniffers.