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Current Probe | Tektronix
Tektronix Current Probes provide high sensitivity for accurate power and load
analysis. Find the right Current Probe for your measurement needs.
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Current Sensor ICs (Isolator) - Allegro MicroSystems
Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has developed a line of fully integrated Hall-effect
current sensor ICs and Hall-effect linear ICs that provide highly accurate, low
noise ...
ACS712: Fully Integrated, Hall-Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor
The Allegro ACS712 provides economical and precise solutions for AC or DC
current sensing in industrial, commercial, and communications systems.
Current Sources for Superconductor Industries - Keithley ...
Our precision current sources include both broad-purpose and high-performance
options for a variety of applications. They are in test environments including ...
Change current folder - MATLAB cd
This MATLAB function changes the current folder to newFolder.
Identify current folder - MATLAB pwd
This MATLAB function displays the MATLAB current folder.
Current Shunt Monitors (Rev. A)
to monitor the current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a resistor placed
in the current path. • Current sense amplifiers tend to be easier to design, more ...
Allegro MicroSystems - 0 to 50 A Integrated Current Sensor ICs
Allegro offers a unique solution for current sensing through the development of
proprietary packaging that employs flip-chip technology. This technology ...
AN-1515 A Comprehensive Study of the Howland Current Pump ...
amplifier to make a high-impedance current source (current pump) using a ... This
basic circuit can put out both + and - output current (or zero current) into ...
EETimes Europe
Teledyne LeCroy has introduced two products that provide simple and easy interface of third-party probes and current measurement devices to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.
Texas Instruments says it is making, “high-accuracy measurement more attainable with the first current-sense amplifier to integrate a high-precision, low-drift 2 mΩ shunt resistor,” - the device can cut calibration effort, system cost, and footprint for test and measurement, communications load monitoring, and power supplies.
Microchip says its sensor is the first to feature both a configurable analogue output and a 2-wire digital bus; the PAC1921 maximises data and diagnostic reporting while minimising data latency, outputting power, current or voltage over a single pin and over the 2-wire digital bus.
With signal conditioning and compensation coil driver in a single package, this device from TI claims high accuracy, dynamic range and linearity, and simplified system design, from a high level of integration.
LEM has extended its range of high-accuracy current transducers with the IT xx5 transducers for non-intrusive and isolated nominal measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 60 A to 600 A. The range includes 4 new models: IT 65-S, IT 205-S, IT 405-S and IT 605-S.