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Leveraging ADI’s iPassives integrated precision passives technology, the AD4111 and AD4112 multi-channel +/-10V and 0-20mA precision A/D converters integrate precision matched current sense resistors and resistor dividers.
From October 22, Smartek Vision will be taken into the Framos Group and be renamed FRAMOS Embedded Engineering. The company will focus on Embedded Vision development, custom solutions, IP and sensor modules.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker ASML Holding NV (Veldhoven, The Netherlands) and research institute IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) have agreed to extend collaboration on EUV lithography to go beyond the 3nm logic node.
TDK's K525 is an NTC sensor that can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -10°C to +300°C. The NTC thermistor is protected against aggressive media such as acids and alkalis. A ceramic housing shields the NTC thermistor against aggressive media such as acids and alkalis. This makes the K525 suitable for use in applications with demanding ambient temperatures.