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From Texas Instuments, this device is aimed at a new generation of “smart” multi-emitter LED headlamps: it is a compact, scalable solution reduces board space by 73%, controlling up to 96 high-brightness LEDs in innovative headlamps.
AEC-Q100-qualified PowerSoCs, asserts Altera, feature the smallest footprint, superior efficiency, excellent thermals, and high reliability.
Texas Instruments has introduced what the company claims is the industry’s first fully integrated high-brightness LED matrix manager IC for adaptive automotive headlight systems.
The automobile industry is increasingly using radar in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to quickly and precisely measure the speed and distance of multiple objects, regardless of weather conditions.
LT3697 is a 35V input capable step-down switching regulator (with 60V transient protection) designed to power 5V USB applications.