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6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family
The new standard for PC performance has arrived—6th generation Intel® Core™
processors! Our blazing fast, feature packed processor family with built-in ...
Intel® Processor Numbers: Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile Device
Understanding Intel® processor numbers helps identify the best laptop, desktop,
or mobile device processor for your computing needs.
Processors - ARM
ARM is the industry leader in embedded and application processors, delivering
high performance computing, leading power efficiency and reduced system cost.
Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition and X-Series Lineup
Intel's first 10-core processor for desktop PCs is the ultimate tool for delivering
unrivaled performance and is our most powerful desktop processor ever.
Whether ...
AMD Desktop Processors
Get outstanding performance, best-in-class gaming, and amazing value with
multicore desktop processors from AMD.
AMD Processors
Get information on AMD processors and APUs for desktops, laptops, tablets, 2-in-
ones and servers.
Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards
Select your Intel® Desktop Board in the table to find a list of Intel® Processors
compatible with your board. Some processors can require a specific hardware ...
Intel® Core™ M Processor
Thin, light, quiet and versatile. The new 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors
built on 14 nm manufacturing process technology deliver great mobile ...
AMD Athlon™ X4 Processor
From AMD, the company behind proven high-performance processors in the
PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™ gaming consoles, and Radeon™ graphics cards
EETimes Europe
Jockeying for position in the next-generation transistor race, the SOI Industry Consortium claims to have made more progress in bringing fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology for next-generation mobile products.
MIPS Technologies has announced that 4M Wireless will demonstrate 3G/4G multimode user equipment (UE) operation on the MIPS® architecture during the 2011 Mobile World Congress.
As the power of branding takes hold at every level in the electronics industry, illustrated most convincingly perhaps by Apple, it seems the importance of a strong image isn't lost on others, including Samsung Electronics who is giving its application processor family a new brand; Exynos, derived from the Greek for 'smart' and 'green'.
Nanowire processors will pack more arithmetic and logic per square inch than conventional semiconductors, according to Harvard University researchers who recently demonstrated basic ALU functionality for silicon-germanium nanowire arrays in collaboration with Mitre Corp.
How can OEMs develop products that will successfully compete against Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad? Two chip makers believe that they have the right formula. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Atmel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. will officially roll out a reference design kit that will enable next-generation mobile Internet products based on the Android operating system.