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The smartphone has developed to the most important link between vehicles and the outside world. Taking this significance into account, Continental has developed a smartphone terminal for in-car use that combines wireless charging and antenna coupling with NFC communication in one system.
AC2ES material from ARC Technologies offers flexibility and versatility for applications requiring transparent EMI shielding materials.
The AS3911 NFC development kit and interface software stack launched by ams AG provides a blueprint for an NFC implementation in any microcontroller-based system.
Combining the automotive grade NFC (Near Field Communication) transceiver by Melexis with Freescale SemiconductorÂ’s wireless charging technology enables a ready to use reference design solution that could free users from the dreaded low battery warning.
Broadcom Corporation has introduced a development kit into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) family to enable developers to rapidly prototype ideas and concepts for IoT devices and applications.