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NFC Technology Hub|NXP
Near Field Communication is hot. In today's increasingly connected world, this
simple, intuitive technology lets you interact securely with the world around you ...
Mobile NFC technology for a wide array of services.
Gemalto offers market-leading mobile NFC solutions for contactless mobile
payment, mobile transport and other services, enabling mobile network
operators, ...
NFC and Reader ICs|NXP
ID NFC Reader Solutions: Complete portfolio of reader ICs supporting all contact
and contactless smart cards, tags and NFC devices.
RF430CL330H | RF430 | Wireless MCUs | Description & parametrics
The Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder RF430CL330H is an
NFC Tag Type 4 device that combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired ...
Short range RF | NFC |
Near field communication (NFC) is a radio technology enabling bi-directional
short range wireless communication between devices to make life easier and
more ...
NFC OpenSense ™ Technology
NFC Solutions optimized for high-volume brands. Hardware and software
designed with volume production in mind. Built on highly scalable printed
electronics ...
EXPLORE-NFC - Exclusive from element14|NXP
Based on NXP® PN512 full NFC forum compliant NFC IC, meeting compliance
with all 3 NFC modes (Reader, P2P and Card Emulation). Reader mode ...
NFC Controller Solutions|NXP
Designed for today's compact systems, our NFC controller solutions enable
higher integration with fewer components, since they combine an NFC frontend
with ...
Connected Tag Solutions|NXP
Our connected tag solutions portfolio provides both, a passive HF and UHF
interface. The NTAG family complies to NFC Forum and the UCODE® family to ...
NFC Frontend Solutions|NXP
NFC frontend solutions, the most flexible way to add NFC to a system.
EETimes Europe
Fabless mobile chip company Qualcomm Inc. has announced that its next processor architecture is called Krait and will offer multi-core chips capable of running at a clock frequency of 2.5-GHz. Dual and quad-core versions are expected to sample early in 2012.
Mobile phones will me more tightly integrated into vehicles – this has been the mantra in the industry already for several years. Now chip vendor NXP and automotive electronics supplier Continental have demonstrated how NFC (Near Field Communications) can be used as an enabler for new applications.
A testing service for certification of devices built to NFC Forum global standards is now available at AT4 wireless laboratories in Taipei in Taiwan, Herndon in the US, and Malaga in Spain.
Premo extended its SDTR1103 family of NFC antennas with the SDTR1103-HF series, suitable for signal reception at 2 MHz and/or 13,56 MHz Tx/Rx. The antenna has a high surface resistance NiZn ferrite core material (>10 MOhm/mm) and low initial permeability to work at high frequency.
STMicroelectronics and Gemalto announced a new partnership to develop a range of solutions to initiate and distribute digital security services for NFC (Near Field Communications) applications. Building on the two companies’ extensive security expertise and portfolio of NFC technologies, the partnership aims to deliver solutions that will meet the strong global demand for NFC-based services.