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NFC - NXP Semiconductors
NFC, which stands for Near-Field Communication, is the breakthrough
technology that allows objects to respond to the tap of a mobile device. NFC
transforms ...
NFC Mobile Contactless Solutions - Gemalto
Gemalto offers market-leading NFC solutions for contactless mobile payments
and services, enabling mobile network operators, banks, transport networks, ...
Nokia Lumia 610 NFC - Assistance, Mises à jour, Téléchargements ...
Nokia Lumia 610 NFC - Assistance de votre appareil. Consultez les guides de l'
utilisateur, les manuels, les FAQ, les vidéos pratiques, le dépannage, les ...
Nokia Lumia 925 - NFC - Guide dutilisation - Nokia - France
Avec la communication en champ proche (NFC, Near Field Communication), les
connexions sont faciles et amusantes. Dans l'écran d'accueil, balayez vers la ...
Produits Neowave - Linkeo NFC
Linkeo-NFC, le lecteur sans contact de table simple et performant. Pour une
lecture facile et fiable de vos cartes et tags RFID/ NFC : 1 - Compatible ISO
14443 ...
NFC | Broadcom
Near field communications (NFC) is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-
based technology that allows the secure transmission of data between devices
that ...
Near Field Communications Overview
Texas Instruments provides one of the industry's largest, most differentiated NFC
product portfolios enabling lower power solutions to meet a broad range of RF ...
RF430CL330H | NFC / RFID ICs | NFC / RFID | Description ...
Download a datasheet or document on TIs RF430CL330H NFC / RFID, from the
NFC / RFID ICs collection of analog and digital product folders.# Added.
NFC - Near Field Communication
All the elements in the ecosystem are coming together, the infrastructure is
getting ready, the number of NFC-enabled handsets is growing constantly,
projects ...
Nokia Lumia 610 NFC - Mise à jour logicielle et téléchargements ...
Nokia Lumia 610 NFC - Obtenez des mises à jour gratuites de Nokia pour de
meilleures performances, une autonomie prolongée de la batterie, de nouvelles
EETimes Europe
In a recent survey carried out across its 1,500,000 strong Retale App user base in the US, mobile couponing and digital flyer publisher Retale depicts customers as mostly unaware of even fairly mature mobile technologies such as NFC (near field communication) and weary of all the services that may be pushed at them.
ams has posted details of the AS3909, a high performance near-field-communications (NFC) reader for the high frequency (HF) band, designed to meet the needs of challenging applications. Unique features include high output power of 700mW and transparent mode to implement other standard and custom protocols.
Agilent Technologies’ T3111S NFC Conformance Test System has been validated for testing of NFC Forum Logical Link Protocol (LLCP) and Simple NDEF Exchange (SNEP) Protocol. The T3111S is the only test platform combining validated NFC Forum analogue RF, digital protocol, LLCP and SNEP testing in one integrated system.
RFID has been around for some time in logistics and implemented as a basic-antitheft device de-activated at the cashier. The readers used to be proprietary and the chips would not provide any useful information outside an identification number to be matched with the retailer’s own logistics database.
On the footsteps of NXP’s Ntag I2C devices, Murata announced the mass production of an RFID chip with a wired I2C interface, the LXMS2HACNF-165. Conforming to the RFID standards ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC global C1G2 and operating in the 900 MHz frequency band, this device complements the company’s surface mount Magicstrap RFID family of devices.