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Near Field Communication (NFC) - Infineon Technologies
Click here to find all information about Near Field Communication (NFC). Infineon - your partner for your partner for Chip Cards & Security.
RFID & NFC | Mouser Electronics
NFC (Near Field Communications) is becoming ubiquitous as a means of transferring information securely between a growing number of electronic devices and with an ...
NFC for Industrial and IoT - NXP Semiconductors | DigiKey
NFC is Everywhere. NFC is a proximity technology, which means it only works when two devices are close together or actually in contact. When devices aren’t near ...
M24SR Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag ICs - STM | Mouser
STMicroelectronics M24SR Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag ICs are available at Mouser and comes with dual interface and embedded EEPROM memory that can be operated from I2C ...
NXP NFC Solutions | Mouser
NXP NFC (Near Field Communication) Solutions offer proximity-based wireless communication that is intuitive, low power, and inherently secure.
ST25 NFC/RFID Reader and Dynamic Tag - STMicro | DigiKey
STMicroelectronics' ST25 devices offer the ST25R NFC high performance readers that communicate with the ST25D dynamic NFC/RFID tags.
Dynamic NFC Tag: M24LRxE Series - STMicro | Mouser
STMicroelectronics innovative Dynamic NFC Tags will help provide simple NFC connectivity to your application.
NFC / RFID | Applications | Wireless Connectivity |
Find application support and information for NFC and RFID devices and tools.