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NFC Everywhere - Overview :: NXP Semiconductors
NXP's NFC is everywhere, bringing new, secure and convenient user
experiences and enabling the Internet of Things with a simple touch of your
mobile device.
mobile NFC
Gemalto offers market-leading NFC solutions for contactless mobile payments
and services, enabling mobile network operators, banks, transport networks, ...
Mobile Financial Services | Mobile NFC and TSM Services
Commuters can use their NFC mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their
transit pass can be stored digitally on their mobile phone and easily topped up ...
Short range RF - NFC -
10 Dec 2014 ... Near Field Communication (NFC) is a radio technology enabling bi-directional
short range wireless communication between devices to make ...
NFC Solutions - Infineon Technologies
Infineon provides leading and innovative approaches for your Near Field
Communication (NFC) solutions. Our portfolio supports all NFC applications and
NFC / RFID Memories and Transceivers - STMicroelectronics
NFC / RFID memory and transceiver products are based on the 13.56 MHz
carrier frequency and support the ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 RFID standards.
Near Field Communications (NFC) Controller Family - BCM2079x ...
The BCM2079x family of chips is made up of NFC-compliant, highly integrated,
low-power, low-cost, 40 nm NFC controllers. The standalone NFC controllers in ...
Dynamic NFC / RFID Tags - STMicroelectronics
ST's dynamic NFC / RFID tags feature an EEPROM memory bank that can be
accessed either through a low-power I²C interface or an NFC / RFID interface ...
About Smart Cards : Applications : NFC » Smart Card Alliance
NFC technology is a standards-based wireless communication technology that
allows data to be exchanged between devices that are a few centimeters apart.
NFC Everywhere - Technology :: NXP Semiconductors
A proximity technology, NFC works when two devices are brought close together,
it's also unique in that only one of the devices needs to be powered.
EETimes Europe
Take a flexible e-Ink display foil, shape it and turn it into a wearable accessory, then control the Black & White display using your smartphone through an NFC connection, uploading any design to match your outfit.
European companies Cartamundi, Van Genechten Packaging, PragmatIC, SMARTRAC, TNO and imec have joined forces to launch PING (Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging), a consortium to bring flexible electronics from the lab to mainstream markets through the creation of smart and interactive printed objects.
At embedded world, the Raisonance business branch of Keolabs was demonstrating an interesting NFC retrofit solution for embedded systems, the IoTize plug-and-play RF module able to rejuvenate and turn any legacy system into a smartphone-compatible cloud-connected appliance.
Swiss based u-blox has announced the EMMY-W1 series of multiradio modules for easy, reliable implementation of in-car hotspots, rear seat entertainment, hands-free telephony, rear view camera communications, graphical user interface (GUI) mirroring with simple pairing and other automotive short-range connectivity applications.
Thin Film Electronics ASA, a long-time pioneer of organic electronics, has announced a near-field communications (NFC) passive sensor tag that can detect and wirelessly report a product's "sealed" and "open" states.