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Passive components and interconnect solutions provider AVX Corporation (Fountain Inn, SC) has acquired Ethertronics (San Diego, CA), a manufacturer of high-performance, embedded antennas for a wide range of wireless devices.
TDK Corporation has expanded the MAF series of noise suppression filters with the new MAF2520ASS600C type, specifically designed for LED lighting systems.
The new low-profile, Accu-L Series inductors from AVX Corp. offer RF power capabilities, high Q, high SRF, low DC resistance, and outstanding high-frequency performance from 450-2.400MHz. Plus, very low inductance tolerance.
Applying 2D materials to the memristor concept, a team of multidisciplinary researchers from US and Chinese universities have demonstrated the scalability of nonvolatile resistance switching down to atomically-thin devices.
Networking giant Cisco (San Jose, CA) has announced that it is working with Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, South Korea) to "create the future of the next-generation car."