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Microcontrollers - Overview -
TI microcontrollers integrate 20+ years of leading innovation in process
technology, unique system architecture, intellectual property and system
P.Memory (Kbytes), 2048 Flash. P.Memory (KWords), 512. Self-Write Flash, Yes.
RAM (Bytes), 512K. EEPROM (Bytes). DMA Ram. Auxiliary/Boot Flash, 160.
Mixed-Signal 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontroller Devices | Silicon Labs
Silicon Labs' 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) portfolios provide integrated
peripherals and analog functionality without compromising performance.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Microcontrollers - Architecture and ...
This chapter briefly describes microcontrollers and what are they used for.
Microcontroller: products & applications - Infineon Technologies
Discover Infineon's microcontroller (mcu) products by category, find ✓
applications, ✓product brochures, ✓whitepapers, ✓tools, ✓support and ✓service
for MCU.
Microcontrollers - STMicroelectronics
By choosing one of ST's microcontrollers for your embedded application, you
gain from our leading expertise in MCU architecture, technology, multi-source ...
Atmel microcontrollers deliver easy-to-use embedded design solutions with low
power consumption and high performance for an array of applications.
Atmel AVR 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers
Atmel AVR 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers deliver a unique combination of
performance, power efficiency, and design flexibility for a wide range of
Freescales market-leading portfolio of microcontrollers provides a broad range of
power and performance options to deliver highly-functional solutions for ...
Low-power Microcontroller | 16-bit Microcontroller | 16-bit MCU ...
MSP 16-bit microcontrollers are ultra-low-power RISC mixed-signal MCUs that
provide the perfect solution for low-power and portable applications.
EETimes Europe
Freescale now has available the sub-1-GHz Kinetis KW01 wireless MCU, built on ARM an Cortex-M0+ processor, for applications such as smart meter connectivity and sensor-control networks
In a recent announcement, Scaleo chip has positioned itself as the first fabless company to introduce an automotive microcontroller manufactured with the GlobalFoundries 55nm automotive-specific advanced semiconductor manufacturing platform.
Texas Instruments has announced its support for iBeacon technology across its Bluetooth low energy portfolio including the company’s Bluetooth Smart SoCs, SimpleLink CC2541 and CC2543 wireless microcontrollers (MCUs), its Bluetooth dual mode SimpleLink CC2564 solution, and the BL6450Q automotive connectivity device.
DCD’s DF6808 IP Core is binary-compatible with the industry standard Motorola 68HC08 8-bit microcontroller, but thanks to highly sophisticated on-chip peripheral capabilities, it performs 45-100 million instructions per second.
Silicon Labs has expanded its family of 8-bit Si10xx wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) with two new options optimized for both cost-sensitive and performance-intensive designs.