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Microcontrollers - Overview -
TI microcontrollers integrate 20+ years of leading innovation in process
technology, unique system architecture, intellectual property and system
Chapter 1: Introduction to Microcontrollers - Architecture and ...
This chapter briefly describes microcontrollers and what are they used for.
Microcontroller - Infineon Technologies
Discover Infineon's microcontroller (mcu) products by category, find ✓
applications, ✓ brochures, ✓whitepapers, ✓tools, ✓service for MCU & more.
Microcontrollers, what is a microcontroller? 8 bit, 16 bit & 32 bit ...
Most programmable microcontrollers that are used today are embedded in other
consumer products or machinery including phones, peripherals, automobiles ...
8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers - Overview | Microchip Technology Inc.
Items 1 - 10 of 220 ... PIC® microcontrollers are finding their way into new applications like smart
phones, audio accessories, video gaming peripherals and ...
Microchip Advanced Part Selector. Parameter Search, Match ALL (AND), Match
ANY (OR). Family. -All-, High Perf. 8-bit, 16-bit DSC, 16-bit MCU, 32-bit MCU ...
Microcontrollers - STMicroelectronics
By choosing one of ST's microcontrollers for your embedded application, you
gain from our leading expertise in MCU architecture, technology, multi-source ...
Microcontrollers :: NXP Semiconductors
The NXP LPC portfolio offers one of the world's broadest selections of ARM-
based 32-bit microcontrollers, with connectivity and control solutions for.
tinyAVR Microcontrollers
Atmel ARM- and AVR-based Microcontrollers Power Secret Labs' Ultra-low-
power Smart Watch ... 8-bit picoPower AVR Microcontroller, 1KB Flash, 8/10/20-
Microcontrollers - Products -
Browse microcontroller products based on various device parameters and
EETimes Europe
Maxim Integrated has posted details of the MAX32555, describing it as the first secure SoC microcontroller for mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) applications, that also has a with secure boot loader with PKA (public key authentication)
Microcontroller and analog semiconductor company Microchip Technology Incorporated (Chandler, Ariz) announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the analog semiconductor company Micrel (San Jose, Calif.) for USD14.00 per share, equaling an acquisition price of USD839 million.
Marvell has announced its next-generation industry-leading 88MZ300 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless microcontroller system-on-chip (SoC), the latest member of a wireless microcontroller family for the Internet of Things.
Renesas Electronics's RX23T Group of microcontrollers is based on the fast RX core, making the new 32-bit MCUs well suited for building high-performance inverter control systems for applications such as DC motor control in energy-efficient electric home appliances.
Toshiba has added to its TX04 Range of ARM Cortex-M4F-based microcontrollers with versions that enable enhanced communication security and contain support for standard encryption protocols