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EETimes Europe
On Monday, October 20, Spansion Inc. unveiled 96 new MCUs, fresh additions to the company's FM4 family of MCUs based on the ARM Cortext-M4F core.
Featuring a real-time hardware debug capability, it is based on the xCORE-XA architecture, which combines an ARM Cortex-M3 processor and XMOS’ configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller
An addition to Toshiba Electronics Europe's TX04 series of ARM Cortex®-M4F core-based microcontrollers, the TMPM411F20XBG MCU facilitates electric power calculation and communication in smart meters, as well as sensing and communications in other measurement devices.
Embedded Office, a specialist company for embedded systems that specialises in safety-critical applications, has extended the range of its Cert-Kits and is now offering a component for the µC/OS-II OS, pre-certified on the 16-bit microcontroller C167 from Infineon.
Building on its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology FTDI Chip is introducing a series of Arduino-compatible development platforms. The VM800P series (where P signifies PLUS) gives engineers everything necessary to implement more effective human machine interfaces (HMIs) – including display, audio and touch elements, and data processing aspects.