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Japanese chipmaker Rohm has developed an optical heart rate sensor for smart bands and watches, which, thanks to its high-speed 1024 Hz sampling, can be used for measuring blood pressure, stress and vascular age.
IAR Systems and Data I/O will work together to improve the quality of embedded designs by producing an integrated workflow for MCU firmware from initial development to manufacturing.
Mouser Electronics has added Renesas’ RX130 series of 32-bit MCUs, featuring new capacitive touch IP that can provide accurate touch control on almost any surface and wet or dirty environments.
Acceed has combined an embedded controller and a networking gateway in the company’s latest product, the MXE-210, which is intended for industrial applications.
Renesas Electronics Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) has announced an enhancement to its e² studio integrated development environment (IDE) tool for the Renesas Synergy Platform. Through its ongoing partnership with IAR Systems, Renesas Synergy customers can now enjoy significant performance benefits by integrating the advanced IAR C/C++ Compiler from IAR Systems into the Eclipse-based e² studio IDE.