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Interface Concept - Embedded boards and systems for defense and ...
Interface concept designs and manufactures embedded Ethernet switches, FPGA
modules and Single Board Computers for naval, air and ground applications.
Interface IC | Serdes | Digital Isolation | Ethernet | RS485 | LVDS ...
TILinks are TI interface ICs, solutions and technologies that span and link
together a wide range of industrial, automotive, communications, personal
electronics ...
Battery Interface Specification | MIPI Alliance
The MIPI® Battery Interface version 1.1 was released in June, 2014, updating v1.
0 released in February, 2012. This release adds several enha...
Smart Interface ICs, Fixed-Function Microcontrollers | Silicon Labs
High-performance interface devices to enable quick and effective communication
between two devices or functionalities.
User Interface and Viewports - Autodesk 3ds Max 1-Minute Learning ...
Get Started with 3ds Max Navigate the View with a Mouse Link and Reference
Content Working with Scale Locating and Managing Objects Move and Select ...
Interface Commands
To display statistics for all interfaces configured on the router or access server,
use the show interfaces command in privileged EXEC mode. The resulting output
Configuring Interface Parameters
This chapter describes how to configure each interface and subinterface for a
name, security level, and IP address. For single context mode, the procedures in
Camera Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
The Camera Working Group develops and maintains Camera Serial Interface
and supporting documents. The group released produced the CSI-2 v1.0
Interface and connectivity :: NXP Semiconductors
Check out NXP's extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs.
Our devices include broadband communication ICs, transceivers and.
Display Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
devices using a D-PHY physical interface. The DSI specification builds on
existing specifications by adopting pixel formats and command set defined in
MIPI ...
EETimes Europe
Universal remote control, barcode emulation, colour sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection are brought together in a series of advanced optical sensing modules, the Tmx4903, from ams. The low-profile, optical sensor module reduces board space requirements and lowers smartphone BOM cost
Exar's XR10910 highly integrated sensor interface analogue front end (AFE) offers an onboard 16:1 differential multiplexer, offset correction DAC, programmable gain instrumentation amplifier and voltage reference.
Providing advanced multi-touch and gesture for touch screens up to 10 in., Microchip’s latest addition to its human interface portfolio is the MTCH6303 turnkey projected-capacitive touch controller for touch pads and screens.
Version 5.5 of the cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework Qt, extends support for multimedia and graphics creation with 3D capabilities, boosts multi-screen and IoT development features strengthening overall performance across applications and devices; also added is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 support
As the Austin-based startup Quantum Interface (Qi) unveiled its first predictive navigation software and technology, EEtimes Europe caught up with the company's founder and CTO Jonathan Josephson to know more about the underlying technology.