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Interface Concept - OpenVPX, VPX, Ethernet switches, Single board ...
Interface concept is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Ethernet switches,
FPGA modules and Single Board Computers based on Intel, PowerPC, ...
Interface IC | Serdes | Digital Isolation | Ethernet | RS485 | LVDS ...
TILinks are TI interface ICs, solutions and technologies that span and link
together a wide range of industrial, automotive, communications, personal
electronics ...
Interface Commands
To display statistics for all interfaces configured on the router or access server,
use the show interfaces command in privileged EXEC mode. The resulting output
Configuring Interface Parameters
This chapter describes how to configure each interface and subinterface for a
name, security level, and IP address. For single context mode, the procedures in
“Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported” Message is Shown ...
Problem: The error message “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported”
appears when you attempt to install any version of Maple on Windows 8.
Display Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
devices using a D-PHY physical interface. The DSI specification builds on
existing specifications by adopting pixel formats and command set defined in
MIPI ...
Battery Interface Specification | MIPI Alliance
The MIPI® Battery Interface version 1.1 was released in June, 2014, updating v1.
0 released in February, 2012. This release adds several enha...
Camera Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
The Camera Working Group develops and maintains Camera Serial Interface
and supporting documents. The group released produced the CSI-2 v1.0
IXXAT [Overview PC/CAN Interface Boards]
The IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable PC applications to access CAN networks
with an uniquely variety of different PC interface standards. The customer can ...
Interface Commands
Port, connector, or interface card number. On a Cisco 4500 or 4700 series routers
, specifies the network interface module (NIM) or network processor module ...
EETimes Europe
By probing a silicon crystal with attosecond laser pulses, University of California Berkeley scientists have been able to measure the timing of an electron jumping from valence band into the conduction band and the resulting rebound of the atomic lattice.
Toshiba Electronics Europe ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection diode type DF5G7M2N is rated to protect equipment attached to communication lines, using high-speed interfaces such as USB3.1, HDMI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt from static electricity. It can also be used to protect small portable devices such as smartphones and tablets from ESD events.
Distec, the German supplier of TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications now provides touch solutions with the I²C interface, which are 30 to 40% cheaper than comparable USB versions.
To meet the growing demand for small, portable vehicle bus / PC interfaces capable of operating without separate power supply, ETAS GmbH has developed the ES583 FlexRay USB module. The product complements ETAS' existing offerings for CAN bus interfaces.
Maxim Integrated’s subsystem reference design allows designers to interface Pmod peripherals with an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board.