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Designed to provide fast and safe position acquisition with sine/cosine encoders and linear systems, the iC-MR provides 13-bit sine-to-digital conversion with condition monitoring for linear and rotational encoders
Measurement and control systems can access the CAN FD data bus - the "fast" version of the proven CAN bus - through two new USB interface devices from Peak System GmbH. The interfaces can achieve data transfer rates up to 12 Mbps with maximum CAN FD frame size of 64 Bytes. The product is available in two versions - PCAN-USB FD offers a single CAN FD channel while the PCAN-USB Pro FD has two CAN FD and two LIN channels, distributed over two D-Sub connectors
Developed with Xilinx' Premier Alliance members Northwest Logic and Xylon, the low cost Xilinx FPGA-based MIPI interface IP is optimized for cost sensitive video displays and cameras.
The TMPM037FWUG microcontroller is designed for motor control applications in equipment such as consumer electronics, factory automation, and printers. It is an addition to Toshiba’s TX00 series of Cortex-M0 core-based MCUs.
Kirk Laney, CEO of Austrian mixed-signal chip and sensor company AMS, wants to leverage the opportunity that technology affords to create new markets for sensors and sensor interfaces.