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BLOCK has launched two24V/40A uninterruptible power supplies for industrial systems that can use either batteries or supercapacitors.
Following its first technology announcement last March about the development of catadioptric micro-optic arrays to boost the light output of micro-LED, mini-LED and OLED displays, startup Optovate is now sharing more details about a proprietary patterned laser lift-off (p-LLO) micro-LED transfer process it developped as part of its IP portfolio.
Three Chinese memory companies are set to begin trial production of memory components in 2H18 with volume production set to follow in 2019, according to Taipei-based market analysis firm TrendForce.
Spectrum Instrumentation has over 140 digitizer cards installed for use in the machine protection systems of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The cards are used to check that the particle beams have been accurately deflected.
Conrad Business Supplies expands its range of measurement solutions with the DSO-1000 series of digital storage oscilloscopes from Voltcraft. The new four-channel oscilloscopes are very well equipped and are particularly suitable for measurements in research and development departments, in laboratories and schools as well as for maintenance, repair and service tasks.