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Interface Concept - Embedded boards and systems for defense and ...
Interface concept designs and manufactures embedded Ethernet switches, FPGA
modules and Single Board Computers for naval, air and ground applications.
Interface IC | Serdes | Digital Isolation | Ethernet | RS485 | LVDS ...
TILinks are TI interface ICs, solutions and technologies that span and link
together a wide range of industrial, automotive, communications, personal
electronics ...
Battery Interface Specification | MIPI Alliance
The MIPI® Battery Interface version 1.1 was released in June, 2014, updating v1.
0 released in February, 2012. This release adds several enha...
Smart Interface ICs, Fixed-Function Microcontrollers | Silicon Labs
Silicon Labs leverages its world-class mixed-signal design expertise to provide a
family of high-performance interface devices that enable designers to ...
Interface Commands
To display statistics for all interfaces configured on the router or access server,
use the show interfaces command in privileged EXEC mode. The resulting output
Thermal interface materials by Indium Corporation
Indium Corporation is the leading manufacturer of thermal management and
interface materials worldwide.
Configuring the Management Interface
Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4 -Configuring
the Management Interface.
Camera Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
The Camera Working Group develops and maintains Camera Serial Interface
and supporting documents. The group released produced the CSI-2 v1.0
Display Interface Specifications | MIPI Alliance
devices using a D-PHY physical interface. The DSI specification builds on
existing specifications by adopting pixel formats and command set defined in
MIPI ...
Configuring Virtual Interfaces
The virtual interface is used to support mobility management, Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol (DHCP) relay, and embedded Layer 3 security such as
guest ...
EETimes Europe
As the Austin-based startup Quantum Interface (Qi) unveiled its first predictive navigation software and technology, EEtimes Europe caught up with the company's founder and CTO Jonathan Josephson to know more about the underlying technology.
Intersil Corporation has unveiled the compan's PowerNavigator version 5.2, which is a free, downloadable graphical user interface (GUI) that helps system designers quickly configure, validate and monitor their power supply architectures.
Addressing markets that require high-speed data generation and acquisition, TI's 66AK2L06 SoC makes it easier to get a direct connection to the analog-to-digital-converter (ADC), to the digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) and to the analog front end (AFE) thanks to an integrated JESD204B interface.
Innovasic has updated its fido5200 REM Switch chip and the RapID Platform Network Interface solution to support EtherCAT.
The company ams employs a 4 mm² package for an integrated power management solution aimed at wearable devices; the AS3701 micro-PMIC includes battery charger circuit, multiple power rails, protection features and I²C interface