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DSP Group
DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a leading global provider of wireless
chipset solutions for converged communications.
DSP Valley DSP Valley
DSP Valley is a technology network organisation, focusing on the design of
hardware and software technology for DSP systems. DSP Valley groups
members ...
DSP Valley is an independent cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems
and embedded technology solutions. DSP Valley groups 100+ members: ...
Xilinx products - 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs,
UltraScale FPGAs, and UltraScale+ FPGAs and MPSoCs - combine massive
DSP ...
Management - DSP Group
Ofer brings to DSP Group over 15 years of managerial experience. Prior to being
appointed to his current position in 2009, Ofer served as DSP Group's Senior ...
CMSIS DSP Software Library
Introduction. This user manual describes the CMSIS DSP software library, a suite
of common signal processing functions for use on Cortex-M processor based ...
DSP Design Ltd.
... Hong Kong · Shenzhen, China · Dongguan, China · Penang, Malaysia.
Copyright © 2015 DSP Design Ltd. DSP Design Ltd. is a subsidiary of Season
DSP System Toolbox Documentation
DSP System Toolbox provides algorithms, filters, design tools, and an app for
processing streaming signals in MATLAB and Simulink.
DSP and System-on-Chip Selection | Texas Instruments
DSPs bring computing performance, real-time processing, and power efficiency
to diverse applications ranging from sensors to servers. Our product range ...
DSP - Overview
Altera revolutionized the digital signal processing (DSP) blocks in its Generation
10 FPGAs and SoCs to provide the industry's first hardened floating-point DSP ...
EETimes Europe
Analog Devices has added eight SHARC processors in a lower-power, real-time-focussed introduction, that enables processing throughput vs power gains of as much as five times, over prior family devices.
Microchip’s 14-member dsPIC33EP “GS” family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) has been designed to deliver the performance needed to implement more sophisticated non-linear, predictive and adaptive control algorithms at higher switching frequencies; the chips offer higher performance, more integration, lower power and smaller footprints.
Together with AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, ON Semiconductor has released the BelaSigna 300 AM audio DSP chip embedded with AfterMaster technology, all in a 3.63x2.68x0.92mm size WLCSP package.
EnSilica has introduced its eSi-3260 processor core which has SIMD DSP extensions, and which combines advanced DSP features with eSi-RISC’s low power and small silicon footprint
Dennis Feucht discusses the cult of DSPism and some of its limitations or how and when MCUs can replace analog circuitry.